I’ve loved LEGO all my life and I recently found out that a bunch of cool LEGO building/design/CAD programs existed. So, I set out on a quest to find the best one for me. Not knowing anything about these, or much about the LEGO community online, it was a little difficult to find out what was available. I figured I’d share my quest so others might benefit.

Not knowing what these programs had to offer, I had a pretty short list of evaluation criteria:

  • Try to build the same model in each program and see how easy it is to build (my primary objective)
  • Must be compatible with Windows 10 (OS I’m running on my main PC)
  • See how easy it is to build without reading the documentation first (not that consulting it was out of the question)
  • Settle on a program that appears to be somewhat current and maintained

My primary objective was to find something that I could use to build LEGO models. I didn’t really dive into the more advanced features that some of them offered, like parts authoring, scripting, animation, creating build instructions, exporting parts lists, etc.. To be honest, I didn’t really know that some of these features were available when I started my search. Going into detail about all the different features would make for a very long post and that’s not my main objective. After having used the programs a little, I settled on the following evaluation criteria, since they cover the basic building experience that I was originally looking for:

  • Adding parts (i.e. part searching and selection)
  • Manipulating parts in the build area
  • Changing part colors

I didn’t spend the same amount of time with each application. Because of that, some might complain that I wasn’t “fair”. Well, to be “fair”, this isn’t a professional review/evaluation, it’s just documentation of my personal quest to find a program that works for me. Take what you will from it. Maybe you’ll find that you love one of them that I didn’t particularly gravitate towards, that’s the wonder of personal choice! 🙂

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